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Editorial Drakul

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Editorial Drakul is a privately funded, independent company, dedicated to the publication of novels and comics by Spanish authors.

With a carefully selected range of unpublished work, and a talented group of professionals and contributors, we hope to demonstrate that Spanish Literature goes a lot further than Cervantes’ Don Quijote.

To achieve this, all our works must fulfil what we consider to be a fundamental requirement: they must stir our emotions. Be it pain or pleasure, we don’t mind to quote one of our authors–, but no one should remain unmoved after reading one of our publications.

Our Commitment

In Editorial Drakul we believe that every individual and company should be responsible for adding their own grain of sand, to help make the world a better place. For this reason:

  • We want our publications to really get to grips with society, to include elements which, whilst remaining within the bounds of the pleasure of reading, encourage comment and reflection, or make us aware of the problems we face today.
  • Editorial Drakul clearly focuses on Spanish authors, both new and experienced, and one of our most important objectives is to help these to become known both within and beyond Spain.
  • 0.7% of the annual profits will be put aside for charities that work with less fortunate members of our society, as well as for projects designed to improve our environment and ecosystem.


Even at the risk of not being politically correct, or that we may occasionally be seen as trouble-makers, we firmly believe in freedom of expression, always within the bounds of respect for other individuals.

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Death row. El corredor de la muerte

Un brote vírico deja incomunicada la penitenciaría de Wolverstone. El cuerpo de seguridad de la prisión consigue tomar el control del edificio, acechado por centenares de víctimas convertidas en cadáveres vivientes. Pronto descubrirán que solos no podrán sobrevivir. Para seguir con vida deberán forjar alianzas con los reclusos, unir esfuerzos, y evitar juntos la amenaza del exterior.

13,95 €

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